Best #20+ Merry Christmas Facts

Christmas Facts: Christmas Day is celebrated by millions of Christians around the world, usually on December 25th. It is also a popular holiday celebrated by non-Christians. Christmas Day is an annual celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.The date of December 25th was chosen in the 4th century. The popular customs of celebrating Christmas include gift-giving, sending holiday cards, Christmas trees and lights, caroling, a feast and church celebrations.

This the season to be...well informed. We all love Christmas, but how much do any of us actually know about why Christmas is the way it is? Here are some facts about Christmas trees, Santa Claus, and Rudolph that you (probably) didn’t know. and our other collection of Christmas history,interesting, funny Christmas facts and trivia, etc.

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Merry Christmas Facts

The world's biggest snowman was 113 feet tall and was built in Maine.
The Germans made the first artificial Christmas trees out of dyed goose feathers.
christmas facts
Christmas Facts

Christmas sends at least 15,000 people to the ER.
Boston church leaders tried to have the song 'I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus' banned in the 1950s because they thought it 'promoted physical intimacy' Singer Jimmy Boyd had to fly to Boston and explain to them why it wasn’t obscene. 
JESUS was probably born in a cave and not a wooden stable, say Biblical scholars.
The traditional Christmas meal in England before turkey was mustard and a pig's head. 
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Fact about Christmas 

Washington Irving created Santa's sweet ride.
Christmas decorations that are popular today include Christmas trees, Christmas lights, wreaths, garland, holly, mistletoe, and nativity scenes.
In Germany they call Santa Kriss Kringle; in Italy they call him Le Befana; in France they call him Pere Noel.

christmas facts and trivia
Christmas Facts and Trivia
US scientists calculated that Santa would have to visit 822 homes a second to deliver all the world's presents on Christmas Eve, travelling at 650 miles a second.
Mistletoe was believed to be an aphrodisiac.
Christmas is one of the most profitable times of year for many businesses.
'Jingle Bells' was originally supposed to be a Thanksgiving song.
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Funny Christmas Facts 

Ham, not turkey, is the festive favorite.
DESPITE the tale of three wise men paying homage to baby Jesus, the Bible never gives a number. Matthew's Gospel refers to merely "wise men".
The letter X in Xmas is a Greek abbreviation for Christ.
Legend has it that 'Silent Night' was written by a Father Joseph Mohr in Austria, who was determined to have music at his Christmas service after his organ broke. In reality, a priest wrote it while stationed at a pilgrim church in Austria.
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Fun Facts About Christmas 

THE word Noel derives from the French expression 'les bonnes nouvelles' or 'the good news'.
12th century nuns left socks full of nuts, fruit and tangerines at the doors of the poor. This is where the tradition of putting tangerines in stockings came from.
Xmas doesn't remove Christ from Christmas.
Though Santa Claus has worn blue and white and green in the past, his traditional red suit came from a 1930s ad by Coca Cola.
interesting facts about christmas
Interesting Facts About Christmas

BEFORE turkey, the traditional Christmas meal in England was a pig's head and mustard.
Anglo-Saxons referred to the holiday as 'midwinter' or 'nativity'.

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